Sewing Away

If you are trying to make your own clothes, then ordering from an online fabric store might be the best option. You can sometimes find a larger selection of fabric patterns and colors online than you would if you were to go to a store. When you order online, you can search through a wide variety of fabrics, comparing them to each other to see which would look best as a dress, shirt or another piece of clothing. You can usually get as much or as little as you need instead of purchasing a … [Continue reading]

Toshiba Chromebook Giveaway-8/14

Toshiba Chromebook Giveaway

Welcome to the Toshiba Chromebook Giveaway hosted by Bay Area Mommy and sponsored by Toshiba! I have always owned Toshiba brand products.  I think they have the best technology.  I thought about buying another brand but none offered anything like what is included on the Toshiba computers.  I know my readers will want to enter for their chance to win this awesome prize.  Enter below and Good Luck to you~ Meet the new Toshiba Chromebook - an entirely new way to get stuff done. No annoying … [Continue reading]

How to Keep Up With Your Internet Savvy Kids

Remember a world without internet? When parents biggest worry was a stranger driving by with candy? When they knew that if their kids were at home all was right with the world. Not so much in today’s digital world. We are rapidly morphing into a society where there is no such thing as a true safe space, cameras can be found practically everywhere watching our every move (which can be both good and bad), and intruders no longer have to enter your home physcially. Instead they can easily lure … [Continue reading]

$75 Target Gift Card Sweepstakes-8/11


Welcome to the $75 Target Back To School Sweepstakes! Sponsored by Ibiley Uniforms Hosted by Conservamom This back to school get your uniforms at Ibiley and Enter to win a $75 Gift card to Target! Not only can you get all your kid's back to school uniform shopping at Ibiley (At great prices) but you can also get your own uniform shopping done there! From Scrubs, Chef wear, Medical Lab wear and more! You will find everything you need at Ibiley! Now they have joined together with … [Continue reading]

Achy Paws Natural Pet Mat #Review

I received the below mentioned complimentary product for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100% my own.        Are you an animal lover?  Am I?  Let's just say I would take in every stray that I found if my Husband would let me but when I asked him if I could be a foster home to kittens......He said a big, fat "NO"!  His reasoning was that I would never, could never give them up.  I am already a Mom to 2 girls, 1 dog, 3 cats, a few fish. a turtle and a ferret.  Like I said, I love … [Continue reading]

Home Away From Home Sweepstakes-8/6


       When I went away to college for the first time,  of the hardest things for me was going to grab something and realized I was not at home and that I did not have what I needed. I am sure this prize will life the spirits of those who are away from home.  I know you are going to want to enter for your chance to win this awesome prize.  Enter below and Good Luck to you~ They may be away but you can still show you care with this clever, handy and good tasting away from home care package. This … [Continue reading]