Pani Skasko’s Marinated Apple Cake #Recipe


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“We all get along” — Tips for a Pet Perfect Home


At home, you have everything you need, a place to get comfortable and relax, the perfect sanctuary from the outside world. But don’t forget your furry friends! Like you, family cats and dogs need to live in a place that suits their needs and you need to ensure your pet care is correct for your cat and dog.  When cats and dogs share the same home, it’s essential to strike the balance between the needs of both. Creating a comfortable cat environment Most cats are independent animals … [Continue reading]

Circle Towel #Review


I received the below mentioned complimentary product for the purpose of this review.  All opinions are 100% my own.        How many of you live by the beach or grew up by a beach.  I grew up in New Jersey where it took us 30 minutes to drive to the beach.  I loved that feeling when you get close to the ocean and you smell that very familiar fragrance of salt water and sand.  Yes, I believe you can smell sand but that is another story for another post.  So, once we survey the beach for that … [Continue reading]

Trinity Dual-Sided Mobile Bin Rack Sweepstakes-9/5


Welcome to Our Trinity Dual-Sided Mobile Bin Rack~ Hosted By Tammie's Reviews, Giveaways and More Promoted By Some Awesome Bloggers and Sponsored By Trinity        Do you find it difficult to stay organized? Everything has a place and needs to be in a space where you can find everything.  You can read Tammie's review of this product by going HERE.  TRINITY's mobile bin rack is versatile and can be used in any garage, store or workshop.  The bin rack is dual-sided which allows for maximum … [Continue reading]

LuguLake Portable Bluetooth Speaker #Review


I received the below mentioned complimentary product for the purpose of this post.  All opinions are 100% my own.        Do you have a speaker for your Smartphone, Tablet or Laptop ?  I still cannot believe that I took the plunge and joined the ranks of being an iPhone owner but I did.  One thing that I did not know was that a bluetooth speaker was a much needed device to have.  I have fallen with the LuguLake Portable Bluetooth Speaker, with Stand function Wireless Stereo Speaker Built-in … [Continue reading]

Beatrix Girls Birthday Party Prize Pack Sweepstakes-9/6


Hosted by: Queen of Savings, Michigan Savings & More, Dividing by Zero, Barbara's Beat Sponsor: Beatrix Girls Popstar Club They’re musicians, they’re dolls, they’re role models for a new generation of empowered young girls. Sure, they’re adorable with great clothes and fabulous hair, but there’s so much more to them than that! The Beatrix Girls are an accomplished pop band with real music that girls are sure to adore. Each member of the band sings, plays a different instrument and even … [Continue reading]