Floor Scales – Weights and Measures

If you are in the market for a new axle scale, you will be happy to hear that FloorScales Direct.com offers portable axle scales of practically any size. The large weighing surface and low profile of an axle scale make them ideal for determining truck axle weight. FloorScalesDirect.com typically sells their portable axle scales in pairs, but they are also available in larger sets to accommodate large trailers. Enough axle scales can even find the total weightment of a truck and trailer combination. Most portable axle scales come with ramps to allow easy access, but there are also flat scales available that are flush with the concrete underneath them when they are set up. These often require a pit-installed permanent application. There are also above ground scales that require a forklift to use, but these are considerably less portable than the other axle scales available. All scales available from FloorScalesDirect.com can be shipped within 48 hours with a tracking code for the use of the client. In addition to our wide selection of axle scales and other industrial scales, we are also offer many custom sized scale options for those who require something more than the typical axle truck scales.


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