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      Please let the page fully load, follow everyone below, comment on this post saying you did what was asked and Good Luck to you.

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Tammie: Follow Me on Pinterest

Stephanie B: Follow Me on Pinterest

Sissy: Follow Me on Pinterest

Liz: Follow Me on Pinterest

Justine: Follow Me on Pinterest

Dana: Follow Me on Pinterest

Christy: Follow Me on Pinterest

Stephanie F: Follow Me on Pinterest

Asha: Follow Me on Pinterest

Jill: Follow Me on Pinterest

Adriana: Follow Me on Pinterest

Julie: Follow Me on Pinterest

Jaime: Follow Me on Pinterest

Alison: Follow Me on Pinterest

Rika: Follow Me on Pinterest


Please do nor forget to comment saying that you followed everyone above~



  1. Ronald G says:

    I followed them all, but could not find the entry I am rom Canada and could find no entry information

  2. I have followed all listed, but cannot find the entry form.

  3. Rod Jackson says:

    I followed everyone

  4. I followed everyone! Thank you :)

  5. I followed you all on Pinterest! Thanks for this chance! I could really use this for my family!!!

  6. Gabriele Jolly says:

    I followed all the above listed

  7. Debra picard says:

    I followed everyone! Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. I followed everyone on Pinterest.

  9. I followed all!

  10. Mellie H says:

    I followed all above.

  11. Followed. :)

  12. Debbie Epps Kennedy says:

    I followed everyone!

  13. Yes, I followed all of the above on my pinterest acct, Julie Smith.

  14. Colleen Maul says:

    Following every one. Colleen maul

  15. followed all, thanks!

  16. Karen Drake says:

    I followed all the accounts listed on Pinterest.

  17. Thomas Murphy says:

    I follow everyone as rounder9834

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