Ways to Give Your #Pets Everything They Need

Every pet is unique, and every pet should be treated as such. This means giving them everything they specifically need, and not just buying a job lot of ‘pet necessities’ under the pretence that ‘they should be grateful for whatever they get’. Just because your pet can’t say anything about the fact that they don’t really fit in their sleeping basket, doesn’t mean they’re not thinking it. You wouldn’t expect a 6ft5 man to sleep in a toddlers bed, would you? The same can be said for our pets — and yes this is about ALL pets, despite the slightly misleading title.

But why not start with horses: they have very specific requirements, after all, which is why there is a code of practice for their welfare. If you are keeping, or plan to keep a horse at home, it is pivotal that you have an amount of land that will suit their needs. One horse: one acre, Anything less would be unfair and uncomfortable to them. Just because your other pets are happy to run around in your space, doesn’t mean a horse would. If you can’t provide an acre per every horse you own, which in truth a lot of people cannot, then you should let them be free to go to a professional stable. It’s a case of different horses for different courses.


A pet that would be much happier to run around in spaces a lot smaller than an acre is a dog, but there are other ways in which you may not be making them as comfortable as you can do. Now, you may think that you’ve covered all the angles when it comes to making your dog feel at home in your family home. But have you really thought about everything? Have you thought about, for example, how you would transfer them to the vet, if ever you needed to take them there? If you have a large, powerful dog, then a heavy duty dog crate is a must, for instance.They are man’s best friend, after all, and you wouldn’t put your human best friend in a box that makes them feel uncomfortable, would you? So why put a dog in one. But fear not, giving your dog everything it needs doesn’t mean you have to break the bank: make sure check these five ways you can save money on your dog.


A pet that takes much less looking after, however, are cats — but that’s not to say that you shouldn’t make them completely comfortable. They need all the necessary equipment, of course, but it’s more a case of looking at their individual personalities and working from there. For example, for cats that love to be cosy and next to a radiator at all times, a jolly moggy cat radiator bed is a sound investment.


Giving your pets not only their creature comforts, but their absolute necessities is vital in them being not only healthy, but wholly happy. And remember, there will be little to no warning signs that you haven’t gotten them everything they need because your pet will love you regardless; that unconditional love should always be returned regardless.